Teaching kids how to swim is one of the most rewarding programs that we offer. Our world-renowned swimming lessons are led by certified instructors that teach children ages 3 and up the basics of swimming. Anchor Away Scuba's swimming classes for kids are designed to fit the needs of students of 5 & up and skill levels. The program tracks each child's progress and graduates them to more advanced classes as they improve. Offering swimming lessons is a great way to recruit new guests because the child you teach to swim today may be a guest for a lifetime.

Learn to Swim

Beginner Level

This level builds on elementary water skills previously learned and teaches students the skills needed to complete a 25-yard swim for three strokes: Elementary Backstroke, Front Crawl, and Backstroke. All elementary water skills are reinforced so that they become second nature to the students. All water safety rules are discussed as well

Advanced Beginner

This level teaches students how to master stroke development and requires them to complete 50-yard swims of Elementary Backstroke and Backstroke. Students work to complete 25-yard swims of the Breaststroke and Front Crawl with rhythmical breathing. The Scissor Kick and Sidestroke are also introduced at this swim level.

About our program

-Anchors Away Scuba offers lessons in       

  groups limited to 6. 

-Classes are 8, 30 minute sessions. Arrive

  early so we can start on time.

-Classes are M-TH rain, shine, or holiday.

  Make-up sessions will only be offered if

  we cancel.

-Pay in full when you register.

-$65/ child for 8 lessons.

-Call about Adult lessons.