Anchors Away Scuba/Treks Aquatics Internship program is a unique opportunity to join a program that can train you for a future in the Scuba Diving industry.

why is it unique?

Because you don't need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your training, and you get field experience that you can't pay for. Many Internship programs only train you up to Dive Master and ask you for several thousand dollars to participate. Our program trains you up to the Open Water Scuba Instructor and other than your books and Agency fees, our program is FREE.

Wait, there's more!

You'll be able to log enough dives on our dive trips to the beautiful Florida Springs, Gulf reefs and wrecks to meet all of the logged dive requirements of the various certification levels. It all adds up the the real world training experience you need to become a great Instructor and get the foundation for your future in the Scuba Diving Industry!


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You aren't paying us, so you aren't a customer. If we were paying you, you would be an EMPLOYEE. Since neither is happening, it is a TRUE INTERNSHIP

When you enter our program, we'll train you from whatever your certification level is now, up through Open Water Scuba Instructor. Not only do you get your certifications, we'll train you in areas such as Dive Center Operations, Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Travel Planning, Tank Visual Inspection, Compressor and Fill Station Operation, and Nitrox just to name a few.